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Innovative Case handles all the details of the project from design, sample, import and all documents for a landed product at your dock. We specialize in customizing a product unique to your needs.

Below is just a few of the solutions we have come up with for some of our clients:

Project A

Client: Corporation that manufacturers testing remotes.

Situation: Their product needed a case to hold 45 remotes and a receiver for the tester in a compact case that is easy to transport.

Challenge: To keep everything numerically in order and have room for the receivers while also being compact.

Solution: Produced a case with specific pockets marked for each remote and receiver. We were able to put it in a handy zipped carrying case with a shoulder strap for comfort.

Project Images A

Project B

Client: Major airline corporation.

Situation: In need of a corporate colored binder with logo to hold a specific size packet of FAA materials for their pilots.

Challenge: Needed a that binder to hold 6” x 7.5” sheets with pockets to hold additional handouts that was thick enough to hold their materials.

Solution: Produced a binder case to their specifications that fit all their needs.

Project Images B

Project C

Client: Sporting organization.

Situation: The organization needed a bag to carry specific equipment and a bag to clip around their waist for their sport as well as a binder to hold materials that they gave to members with another bag for equipment.

Challenge: Considered all their equipment size needs and how it is used.

Solution: Produced a bag and pack that met their requirements and a higher end leather binder and bag with custom lining.

Project Images CProject D

Client: Insurance Corporation.

Situation: They had two sets of materials to show for different clients. Needed compact high end binder for their agents presentation.

Challenge: To separate their presentation material in one case and have it easily transportable.

Solution: Produced a leather binder with dual zipped sides, adjustable carry strap and embossed their logo on both fronts.

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