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Innovative Case was incorporated under the laws of Illinois in 1999. The company specializes in custom contract sewing and heat sealing in China.

The owner, David Schafer has traveled China for over 18 years and has worked with factories all over the far east.

Innovative Case handles all details of the project from design, sample, import and all documents for a landed product at your dock.

We work with all types of fabrics from leather, cotton, pvc sheeting, and all weights of nylons.

Innovative Case also has several divisions listed below:

Polar Jacket Coolers™ - direct to retail line of insulated coolers from a 6 can to a 60 quart cooler and assorted custom designs from fashion coolers to large utility coolers.

Holiday Jacket Christmas Storage™ - direct to retail line of Christmas storage bags to hold artificial trees to 48" wreath storage and all sizes in between.

Bag Solutions™ - Home of the Pizza Jacket, the largest importer and distributor of pizza and food delivery bags. 14 styles and worldwide distribution.

We specialize in all types of custom sewn and heat sealed items from Medical, Automotive, to Electronics and Sporting Goods.

The factories we contract with are ISO certified for quality and are approved by an array of Fortune 500 companies. We currently work with many large retail chains as well as several electronic and sporting good suppliers.

Due to the custom nature of the business, minimum quantities apply, usually 2,500 pcs for a small item and 1,000 pcs for larger items.





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